It is through the play of light and shade that my composition takes shape.

that I represent, plants, humans, fabrics, minerals and metals are supports, “obstacles” which capture the light and invite it to manifest itself on them in such and such a manner. By attempting to paint the effect of light on these different materials I see them come to life. Afterwards, it is the reverse process, the effect of these materials on light, in other words the shadows they create. Thus, the circle is complete and the whole image comes to life.

My personal photographs serve as notes and elements of composition.

Through them I can recapture at any one moment the emotion I felt when taking the picture. Afterwards I transform the laws of perspective in order to emphasize height or distance; I saturate the colours, I increase the intensity of light, I juxtapose bits of photographs in order to invent a new reality. Then, as I work, I put my photos away in the cupboard and the picture continues to evolve by itself.