What I want to express in most of my painting is the beauty of everyday life, wherever I come across it, through the sense of wonder which its contemplation awakens.

Quite simply all that is the most beautiful on Earth: beings and things which exist in everyday light.

We have been given a marvellous place. One just has to see it.

If all mankind could be moved by the simple and total beauty of the world, no one would any longer wish to destroy, sully or even disturb the order of things.


Oil painting is an art form which is 600 years old. This is the tradition in which I work. The images I paint are contemporary, my approach is contemporary and personal, but the manner of my work is ancestral.

Like all of us who work in this way I am happy to be able to walk in the footsteps of the ancients to whom I am infinitely grateful for their hard work and research.

I hope that this art form will live on through many more centuries to come.